• Ray Kurtzuba

Distasteful Banners? Discrimination?

  1. City Council President Pete Festersen called our banners distasteful and said that nothing can be done about them. So not true! I spoke to City Attorney Paul Kratz and asked him if he would be willing to meet with me and discuss a way to end the banners. I also told him that I was also going to ask Pete Festersen to meet with us. Paul Kratz said he would meet but Pete Festersen declined. It's not that nothing can be done about the banners, it's about Mr. Festersen's personal unwillingness to try to compromise and listen to ALL of his constituents instead of just a small percentage of them from St.Pius Parish. Yes I said St. Pius whose principal strongly opposed Kandi's liquor license application. I would suggest to Principal Sepich that he continue the good work helping to keep paedophile clergy out of the St. Pius Parish and not to worry about women in bikinis. When Kandi's applied for a liquor license one of the main concerns of the opposition was what was going to be seen by passerbys including children. The building has no windows and there are security people at the door at all times to insure minors can't enter. Employees are not allowed to enter or exit the building without being fully dressed. There is absolutely nothing to see. The law requires that we be a minimum of 150ft away from any church or school. We are 3 blocks away from St. Pius. Because of being denied the license, we are able to drop the age requirement to 18yrs and allow the dancers to go completely nude. Not what we wanted to do! We also decided to give the opposition something to see. "The Banners". Our banners have gained National attention! We have been on the Fox network and have had stories done by USA Today and other print media across the country. If you follow all the LOCAL and national social media you would see that Kandi's has received overwhelming support. We have now been in a year long fight for a liquor license. It appears to me that we are purposefully being drug through and delayed through the appeal process in hopes that we will fold up and disappear. The way it looks now, we could be in the courts for another year or more. Our hopes are that we can strike a deal with the city to stop fighting us on the license and allow us to return to our original plan. BIKINI CLUB, NO MINORS, NO BANNERS! Had we been given the liquor license at the beginning, nobody would have heard or cared much about Kandi's. And to top everything off, the OMAHA CITY COUNSEL has voted unanimously along with Omaha city attorney Will Acosta-Trejo to recommend to the Nebraska Liquor Commission that the owner of Club Omaha be given a liquor license for a proposed BIKINI CLUB that will be right next door to his now nude club that offers sexual acts including "MUTUAL MASTERBATION". Although our banners may be a bit provocative, do you see why we've been forced to fight back that way and do you think that we've been treated unfairly and discriminated against?

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